Brent Emerson-Tips on How to Look Fashionable in A Maxi Dress

Of late it has become popular to wear maxi dresses not only in the evenings but in the formal meetings too. A night out with friends, stroll, or going on a date is some of the great reasons to take your favorite fashionable dress out of the wardrobe. The best thing about the maxi dress is that you can look fashionable and incredibly feminine. In order to look the best in the maxi dresses, Brent Emerson, a fashion designer with stores in North Carolina and Arizona points out some of the ways to wear maxi dresses:

• It is said that we should wear sports shoes only with sportswear. But the fashion rules have changed. These days a combination of a dress and sneakers has almost become standard. This look is ideal for those who do not like high heels and are afraid to get snarled up in the long dress.

• If you wear a maxi dress with a belt you can emphasize on your small waist. This will make you look stylish but smart at the same time. But if you do not like belts, you can opt for sexy slit dress that will highlight not only your waist but your legs too.

• When going for a walk, Brent recommends putting a denim jacket on the maxi dress. This outfit looks attractive and very fashionable. Some of the pluses of the maxi dress along with a denim jacket combination:

1. You look younger and fresher.

2. The color of a denim jacket is unbiased so it goes perfectly with any skin type.

3. Such attire highlights the lower portion and makes them look longer.

• You can opt for beautiful printed maxi dresses that can liven up any outfit. They create the right mood and showcase a distinctive style right away. Also, a range of different accessories will match dresses with prints perfectly.

• If you do not want to hide your legs completely, asymmetrical dresses can be the most excellent solution. The face of the dress is short and the flip-side is long. It is not only gorgeous and fashionable but very unique as well.

• As far as the accessories are concerned there are no strict rules. The choice of accessories depends on your preference and the event you are dressing for. Accessories make any dress look stunning. If your dress has a perfect neckline, a stylish necklace will be the right choice. Accessories can be of gold, pearl, stones, diamonds or silver, or they can be of anything that can match your dress.

Brent Emerson, AZ ays that by following the above-mentioned tips one can look fashionable in a maxi dress.

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Brent Emerson is a Fashion Designer with Stores in New York, Arizona, Texas, California and North Carolina. His Designer Clothing are very stylish for both Men & Women.

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